Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pie apples

The dark and dreary days of fall are getting to me! It is so tempting to curl up in bed but I've been doing some baking to combat that laziness.  Baking is always something to look forward to....so we're starting off with an apple pie recipe, à la apple.

Carefully slice off the tops of apples, core, and scoop the insides leaving an outer wall.  Salvage what you can from the inside minus seeds and chop it small.  If you made a big mess carving out the inside, chop up an extra apple or two to make sure you have enough filling. Add brown sugar and cinnamon to the chopped pieces, refill your apples, and top with a pie crust.  Here, I did a lattice top so it would look pretty but the apple / crust ratio tasted off, so next time, I'm just covering the whole top in crust.  Bake until your crust looks golden!

I did a mixture of tart/sweet apples.  The granny smiths held up great after baking. I had a red delicious explode because it was so soft.  Make sure you have firm apples.

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